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Comparison between the artistic style from 2014 to 2020

For years, our NIU NSBE Chapter website was something that not too many people knew about. When I first joined NSBE, I didn’t even know that we had an official website until I became the Chapter Secretary in April, 2019. Seeing the website for the first time, there were many things that needed to be changed. Although the website needed a lot of work, this was an exciting project to tackle since it would be one of many ways to show others who we are as an organization. After reviewing exactly what was needed and creating a project plan, the journey began in June, 2019. Among the many challenges, there were successes and skills learned in regards to how to create an appealing website that is modern and easy to navigate for users. Additionally, with so much dedication to this project, we were also able to update the website to be more mobile friendly! By August, the website went live for everyone to see and experience exactly what our chapter is all about and eventually our website was posted on the Region IV site with the other collegiate chapters, which has never happened before!

Our website was not the only thing that experienced a complete 180. From the hard work and dedication of our Marketing Chair, Taylor Coffey, our flyers have improved immensely. With her skill in marketing and attention to detail, our advertisement to the general public is on a new level. With the new 2020-2021 Communication Zone, I hope to see what’s in store for the future!

Website Banner

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