This year has been an eventful but unanticipated year.  I think this year has shown the resilience and tenacity of our chapter leaders and members alike in such an immense way.  Before taking office as president this academic year, our chapter has weathered several storms.  I recall the struggles of having a smaller leadership core during my sophomore year when I served as the chapter parliamentarian.  I remember the uncharacteristic temperatures and snowfall last spring semester that led to the cancelation of several weeks of our meetings as well as crippled chapter numbers by the end of the year during my tenure as the chapter vice-president.  Despite those struggles, our chapter persevered through the hard times on so many occasions.


I do not consider it a coincidence that the chapter vision that I outlined in my Chapter Strategic Plan for this year was “Under Construction.”  I realized that our chapter laid a significant foundation in regards to building a strong leadership dynamic, but our attention needed to be on building and retaining our membership, alumni support, corporate affiliation, CEET collaboration, and beyond to continue to grow as a great and efficient chapter.  In terms of leadership engagement, our CEB has grown from 5 members during the beginning of my term sophomore year to 12 members this spring semester.  Although COVID-19 limited our chapter interactions spring semester to only virtual meetings, we saw the greatest number of applicants for NSBE leadership for the 2020-21 academic year (13).  We grew corporate connections, improved membership retention, and we started a Chapter Advisory Board to strengthen the foundation.


I will not take for granted the tremendous opportunities and experiences NSBE gave me throughout my undergraduate career.  I appreciate the many lifelong friends and connections I gained through this phenomenal organization.  I received mentorship, gave mentorship, received tutoring, gave tutoring, became a team member, became a team leader, learned to celebrate milestones, and learned to battle through adversity.  It is truly the circle of life as we receive help as we are helping others over time.  Although the conclusion of my undergrad did not end with the fanfare that I desired, I am grateful to contribute towards fulfillment of the mission “to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”


As you look through this newsletter, you are seeing the hard work of the collective team who stood behind the mission and exemplified our chapter’s motto to “don’t do it alone!”  We will blaze the way!


Onward to 10K!

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