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Although we live in a competitive society, nothing compares to our desire to achieve success and to bring forth a positive change to all people. This desire to inspire is represented by a burning torch with the acronym of the name given before (SBE) creating the torch handle and topped with a red flame. As we hold this torch high and continue to do so, we send the message that our flame is everlasting, powerful, and enlightening to the future success of the society, and that torch is passed down from generation to generation.


Lightning is one of nature’s great phenomenon that strikes awe into all with its presence, and with our contributions and accomplishments, the dedicated members of the National Society of Black Engineers impact the industry with our presence. This attribute is represented by two lightning bolts and a green ‘N’ in front of them.

Planning on using our TORCH symbol? Make sure that you are following the proper guidelines to avoid misuse:

NSBE TORCH Logo Policy

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