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About Us

We are one of many NSBE Chapters within the country and internationally.  NSBE is split into 6 Regions, in which all chapters within Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Central Canada, Central Africa, and East Africa are a part of Region IV, also known as The Mother Region.


Fo' Solid, Fo' Life!


Curious about our society and its humbled beginnings? Find out how NSBE came to be the organization it is today


Learn about the students who started it all in 1975!


Our society's symbol is not just a logo, it shows the world what we strive achieve. See how our TORCH represents us as a society!


A successful future for our members is our goal. Learn more about how we plan to secure our member's professional journey!


Come and meet the students who dedicate their efforts to ensure outstanding success for the chapter and its members!

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