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Chapter President

Jayla Simmons

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

"As NSBE's president this school year, I'm committed to expanding our organization's impact on campus by reaching out to STEM students more effectively. In order to promote inclusion and encourage more students to pursue STEM careers, I intend to arrange fun activities and workshops that are tailored to the needs of our audience. My overall objective is to increase NSBE's influence and visibility in order to motivate the next generation of diverse STEM leaders."



Kyla Davis

Electrical Engineering

"For the first year I joined NIU NSBE, it truly was a great experience. I fell in love with the opportunities I got, the people I befriended, and the safe space I was able to go to. More than anything, do I want others to experience what I did. My goal is to show campus that our chapter goes beyond a 'business org'. It can be a family, a safe space, and a free space. Using social media and unperson promotion, NSBE will acknowledged in the way it deserves to be at NIU!"

Programs Chair

Kiara Beavers

Electrical Engineering

"As this year’s Programs Chair my goal is to get NSBE’s name talked about more on campus. I have been committed to making events that will allow our members to have fun while excelling academically, succeeding professionally and positively impacting the community."



Tyler Galbreath-Taylor

Electrical Engineering


Membership Chair

Marilyn Ngoma

Electrical Engineering

"I want to impact by making it a safe place that gives people the foundations to succeed. Also creating a family that supports each other."

Academic Excellence Chair

Soka Suliman

Mechanical Engineering

"As NSBE Academic Excellence Chair this school year I am committed to giving chapter members the necessary academic tools for them to succeed in the classroom."


Engineering Project Team Lead

Fabrice Kitungano

Electrical Engineering

"As NSBE's Engineering Project Team Lead, I enthusiastically look forward to positively empower and inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts by showcasing our impactful projects and engineering endeavors as well as to represent nsbe's excellence and contributions within the black community."

Finance Chair

Briana Earls

Business Administration

"I would love to impact NSBE this year being in financial chair by coming up with unique and creative fundraising ideas to put NSBE out there more, while still raising money!"


T.O.R.C.H Chair

Larry Aiyelabola

Electrical Engineering

"I want to impact NSBE this year as T.O.R.C.H Chair by planning and executing more outreach and volunteering activities with Program Zone for the organization, NSBE Jr., and non-NSBE members."



Gemarion Bynum

Electrical Engineering

"As NSBE senator, I plan to represent as the voice and advocate opinions, interest, and preferences of the members within the NIU NSBE chapter. I am dedicated to promoting open lines of communication, ensuring that the views and concerns of our members are heard and considered when making decisions on behalf of the chapter at the regional and national levels."



Yasmina Djomande

Mechanical Engineering


Vice President

Briana Williams

Mechanical Engineering

" I am excited to be a part of this dynamic community. My goal is to be a driving force in pushing forward black engineers and individuals, helping them find success in their academic pursuits. I want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and challenges related to their majors or college life in general. I am committed to providing support and guidance to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to collaborating with you all and contributing to the growth and success of our NSBE community."



Caleb Billingsley

Mechanical Engineering

"As the current treasurer for the NSBE, I use my role to advance the organization's mission and impact. In order to help NSBE, my main responsibilities include budgeting for NSBE events, conferences, and conventions. I also do my best to ensure that there are efficient financial resources to support valuable experiences for members. I engage in strategic planning discussions, identifying cost-saving opportunities and implementing practices that help NSBE's overall financial health. Through these efforts, I am dedicated to using my role as treasurer to contribute to NSBE's growth, success, and positive impact on its members and the community."

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