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Becoming a Collegiate NSBE Member is highly recommended to grow professionally in the stem field. Being a member also has its benefits:


Access to 20+ companies at regional conferences and over 300 at the National Convention career fair.

  • The annual fee is only $15!

  • To be considered a NIU NSBE member, you must become a Collegiate NSBE Member as well

  • Becoming a Collegiate Member means you get discounts on Regional Leadership Conferences, Fall Regional Conferences, and National Conventions, which are NSBE's most prominent career oriented events!

Want to continue your membership with NSBE after college? Be recognized as a Professional NSBE Member and enjoy all the benefits and opportunities that come with being a member:

  • The annual fee is only $50!

  • Students who recently graduated with a degree in a STEM discipline have the opportunity to have the annual fee for their first year as a Professional Member free!

  • Becoming a Professional Member also grants you access to bigger discounts on conventions and conferences!


Leadership Development and Training including Panel Discussions with Top Leadership from Fortune 500 Companies

2025 Strategic Plan

Code of Conduct

National Constitution

National Bylaws

NSBE Facts

Want to familiarize with NSBE and its goals, laws, and customs? Look over these documents and develop a deeper understanding of what it is we do and strive to accomplish for the future black populace

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